Monday, November 2, 2015

Magic: unexpected

I did something different today.

I translated the Tamil poem of a man who was arrested for having written it.

A non tamil speaking judge wanted to know why the mother goddess of our state (read important minister) was so enraged by the poem as to have the dalit singer arrested.
The gist of the poem is an attack on the state's liquor sale policy
Our state has a unique distinction. Only the government can sell liquor here. You cannot bring liquor from another state into this one. And the government has chosen to open a liquor shops in almost every street. Another open secret is that the lady friends of the mother goddess manufactures all the liquor, and controls its sale
Last week a Bangladeshi publisher got killed for writing something like this. A not so publicized news is the murder of intellectuals in  India over the last one year. Sad for the poet to be caught in such a controversy.

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