Monday, April 25, 2016

Logically speaking of bad behaviour and the buts

Bad behaviour is abhorrent. But, I have come to realize something.
I have always avoided interacting with the badly behaved. But it was wrong of me to categorize all such people as one and do that.
Bad behaviour is hurtful. But my habit of judging people just for behaviour was definitely childish.

Behaviour is just one aspect of a person. A person may not have lived in an environment that taught them good behaviour, or may not have the instinct to present themselves to others in a pleasing or unobjectionable manner.
But he or she might want to save the world or serve others. Like our nurses and grass root political workers.
 They might not have social awareness,, but might be mindful of rules, like all those who stop at red lights, and pay their taxes.
They might not smile at a neighbour, but might be supporting an extended family.
f I think about it, I do know so many nasty people who worry more about their family than they do about their own health.
A human being is complex. No story about any human can possibly encompass his or her reality fully, but can only capture snapshots of a life. 
I think my realization is going to add a lot of positive vibes to my everyday.
Also I would stop trusting well behaved people and hanging out only with them, as they can be totally useless otherwise.

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