Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just watched Bahubali the second.
The ultimate romance, made possible by a superb team, the director, story writer and editor, who stood behind and created the regal personas, Prabhas and Anushka.
The first half is all romantic, the chemistry between the lead pair keeping us all in awe of the happenings on screen. They pull it off easily, looking elegant, perfect and well built.

I loved the way their perfect lives unravel, gradually and logically to doom and death. The original couple, (even though it is the same actor) from the first film seem to pale in significance in the face of this magnificent duo.

What was silly were some of the stunt concepts, and what was a little unbelievable was the attribution of physics skills to Prabhas and his portrayal of the protagonist as a machine inventing labourer and a war machine inventing warrior.
Of course, since this is part two which is partly a flashback, we know that Bahubali is going to be killed just as his mother would be betrayed. This lends a certain tension to the most leisurely narrated romantic portions.
Loved it.
Well done.
The good people of the Tamil speaking world are rightly jealous that Bahubali happened in Andhra, and not in their own state.

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