Sunday, April 23, 2017

Logic of life

What makes for a good life?
Plenty of activity and plenty of rest.
I think this is a very local point of view, because people in small towns arrange lots of activities, family based celebrations, outings and feasts. They also allot a lot of time for sleep and siesta.
But as I am on the threshold of my fifties, I can't but agree that this is definitely the healthiest way to live.
Whenever I was active all day and took plenty of rest as well, I lost weight without trying to. I actually ate my fill too, on such days and did no exercise.
The thing is, my introversion wants a lot of alone time, and lots of activity also includes interacting with loads of people which makes me feeling dissatisfied.
Secondly, this love of stories and writing ties one down to a chair in front of a laptop or a desk top.
Logically speaking,  I am not sure if I am a candidate for a good life.

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