Monday, April 24, 2017

Psycho logic and impotent curses

There is a character named 'Anniyan' from a Tamil movie of the same name. This guy is a psycho who becomes bestially strong.  He reads a supposedly authentic Sanskrit text and picks up a variety of cruel punishments for them.
(Not a very genuine idea, basically he's just like psychos in English films who give terrible punishments to those who offend them. But it was novel to the people from the Tamil speaking world, and to be fair to the director and main actor, a very well taken film.)

No there's an asura who is traipsing along in the gated community I live in. A mild rakshasa , who found that the route to quick fame (read cheap) was to become the protector of residents who fear dogs.
He has laid a number or 'rules' to torment dog owners and has instructed the security personnel to harrass any dog owner or beat up or throw stones at any stray dog to the best of their ability. The very dog- friendly society that we came to live in, quickly turned into something alien.

The recent achievement of this monster is to break the water pots kept outside the society for strays and birds.
So, if Anniyan came across this creature, how would he punish him? This picture is not that of the offending guy in our society, but represents him. TEEHEE!!

Now for the judgement : The anniyan inside me says, "May he get lost in a desert without water and suffer excruciating thirst for 24 hours."

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