Sunday, April 22, 2018

The logic of the human mind...Strange is the word

My work has been dropping, quantitatively. And I am now in my dream job...And doing much less work wise and letting go of personal care, too. So I started to monitor what was demotivating me, and how I could go around it.
Health issues apart, I tried to keep my frame of mind alert and involved. So this morning, when I checked the number of page views on my blog, I was quite disappointed.

Now, most of the views on my blog are spammers and people who create fake links to show some traffic to their own websites. A little research showed me so many 'interesting' websites which appeared to have viewed my blog and even which claimed in the comment section that  it was 'exelent and give lots of informason'.

So, anyway my blog views are very less in reality. But no views is somehow disconcerting, and more so than 'views' by fake porn sites.

The logic of the human is strange, indeed!3d man thinking and confusing with three red arrows showing three different directions wondering which way to go over white background

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