Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lies are neither magic nor logic!

Lying is an exercise in futility, especially in the long run....The manipulative mind of a liar does not concentrate on facts but only on how facts may be twisted. So the liar forgets the facts once he leaves the scenario which prompted him to create a pack of lies. You can often spot a liar when
a. he uses words like "There were 15-20 people who were waiting for around 2-3 hours".
b. he is nice throughout or nasty throughout coz it's all an act!
c. he expresses his distrust of everyone and has nasty things to say of everybody. A liar doesn't believe anybody.
d. he repeats that he is smarter than everybody else coz he believes that manipulation is all that is there to intelligence.

Finally a liar doesn't believe in himself. He believes that only his manipulation got him whatever he earned and that without that he is nothing.What actually happens is that the liar loses a lot of friends who find out about his lying and sooner or later and withdraw their friendship and favors.
The greatest loss to the liar is that he has spent his precious life honing the one skill of manipulation instead of learning other things that might help him earn a living or have good relationships. He ends up lonely and much poorer than he should have been. At least one or sometimes all of his off spring carry on his legacy of lying to the next generation.


BALA said...

On the contrary in my short life i have experienced loneliness, ostracising for expressing things openly to the face of the listeners. I wish your views on liars would come true.

Raji said...

I have a lot more to say bala, only was not in form when I was writing today...there's more coming

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Liars are what makes me appreciate brutal honesty. :)

Raji said...

Habitual liars are also good at hurting others in the guise of being brutally honest. Keep that side in mind

Hema said...

hi am also here