Sunday, June 6, 2010

some more questions!

1.Is Engineering the ultimate professional course that every job aspirant should pursue? (Now don't answer this question objectively, Imagine that this Q is being asked by your daughter/ sister/ grand daughter/ great grand daugher/ neice/ great neice/ your female reincarnation , who has just completed high school)
2. what percentage of top professionals are engineers?
3. Is IIT the ultimate engineering college? (someone told me that I should have slapped my daughter and made her write the IIT entrance)
4.Will the business scene in India improve? If so, when? (the year, like kalam's much touted 2020)
5, Will it be possible for Indians to start a business that doesn't sell food and be successful?
6. Is there a probability that all Indians will one day,say a good fifty years from now, be engineers?


Harini Padmanabhan said...

1. It just depends on what other courses colleges are ready to offer and build a brand for. It is all about branding
2. If you ask what percentage of the richest people in the world are engineers i'd say not even half are literate in India. But yes, Engineering is the best way to make quick money. :D
3. Nope. Half the people from there arent even ready to face life
4. I think it is already improving.
5. what is wrong in selling food?
6. God alone knows. Then well start importing doctors and the craze for that will start going back. Lets hope all indians are literate 50 years from now.

Pied Piper said...

1.No,Engineering is not an ultimate one.the ultimate one is real interest and skill.if a person really have an interest with a particular field,then he/she will definitely come up.whatever it may from astronomy to archeology,the real interest will make the person to be talent and successful. Engineering degree is a v.I.P pass to pass the entry gate of job market.but many options are available to get an entry.
2.Nearly half the percentage of professionals are engineers.Bcos all the technical fields(Mech,Electrical,Electronics,Computers,Communication,Construction,Aviation,etc...) comes under the roof of Engineering.
3.No,Certainly we have very good colleges compare with IIT.slap the person is an idiotic one.I don't like slap for studies.not only the slap open the gate of good professional colleges,Knowledge is the key.
4.yes,definitely it will improve.god only have the power to guess the date,exactly.
5.Yes, it is,apart from food business we have descent no.of entrepreneurs in other industries
6.No,it's impossible in India.first we will think about to make all Indians as literates.

BALA said...

I came across a statistics recently. In the near past one of the American cities was completely paralyzed by power failure that the Americans never have had an inkling of. On that day all restaurants and shops that sell food hiked the prices twenty times the actual cost. The New York Times carried a news feature on the power failure and along with that an interesting story that three restaurants gave away food items free of cost on that fateful day and that they were all run by Indian immigrants. Then why are you ashamed of the fact that the Indians are good only at cuisine and inventive of many a food item when it is the main source of life? However i am not against engineering course or any such course for that matter. I am only against the en masse fall of the Indians into something.