Sunday, June 6, 2010

one more recipe

There is a quick method of making dal powder(paruppu podi) that I discovered after one of my husband's clients started sending me several kgs of fried gram(pottu kadalai) as a complimentary gift.
Grind the fried gram with pepper and salt, may be even with some fried garlic!

LO and behold! your dal powder is ready. The taste is delightful and goes very well with hot rice on a rainy day!
btw it has rained thrice this month! proper rain! got soaked in it too!


Pied Piper said...

ya,that,s nice,
my mouth is watering.i like to eat paruppu podi,very much.
thanx for ur recipe, it will helpful for me in future.
urs arun.

Raji said...

adhi naaku thelusu

Pied Piper said...

Mam,nijangane nakku pappu thimmunta chaala ishtam.