Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today I set a match box on fire when it was in my hand. I sleepily, carelessly struck a match; the lid was slightly open on the match head side and when I struck all the heads caught fire,actually, a tiny fountain of fire erupted in my hand. Stingy that I am, I opened the match box to check how many sticks had burned out ( it was smoking like a cannon) and found that only two had not burned out. The craziest thing that happened to me. And I actually found a picture to go with this!!!!!!!


BALA said...

I am surprised at the fact that two sticks did not subject themselves to such an overwhelming conflagration.

Anonymous said...

dear raji,
u may be enjoying the accident; however pl be careful.don't lose ur concentration. by the way, i was unable to attend the rally. pl excuse me.

Raji said...

NO problem Sheela, it was hotter and more tiring than I expected.