Sunday, September 5, 2010

tough times ahead.

Waking up on a holiday to a lot of work
Looking out to find the beautiful trees stand still outside my door
Enjoying some of the work and wondering a bit if it is worth the effort
attending friendly business calls
wondering if what am trying to do will work out or will turn out to be too much work
chatting with nosy no good relatives on phone
wondering if circumstances might  not let me complete and succeed
and still continue to work like nothing's on my mind
belting out a hot song with the radio without thinking about it (continuing my work)
knowing that my salvation lies in reaching out to a needy child, doing it and basking in its love,
Being attacked by harsh words that hurt like boiling water on tender skin (continuing my work)
getting dressed to an inaugural function and staring at my dead eyes in the mirror
realizing how wonderful and balmy the weather had been the whole day
attending the inaugural and forgetting  my life in the curious looks and friendly smiles of strangers
and in the jalebis and samosas of course riding back, getting back to work,
doing chores and then doing the dance called routine
telling myself that the tough times ahead are there because I had taken the easy route in youth
and saying my favorite prayer:

O Hidden life, vibrant in every atom!
O hidden light, shining in every creature!
O hidden love, embracing all in oneness!
May each who feels himself as one with thee know he is therefore one  with every other!

I know I will sleep tonight. It was a tough day. First, I should get back to work.


BALA said...

A fine poem. I hope the poem is your own creation and not part of the universal prayer of Annie Besant. I love the theme and the selection of words to express it.

Raji said...

have no doubt, my favorite prayer is the universal prayer used in the theosophical society, the other things are tiny concerns of mine and not any concern of the universe