Thursday, September 16, 2010

Which city has the people with the lowest levels of G.K?

I listen to Suriyan FM (very local of me, btw did you know that among non English speaking tamils in Madurai, the word local means low class?) because their collection of songs is the best (don't they have the best of everything?) Everyday the radio jockey belts out a question on social issues and tells everyone to call her on 23232 or some such number and share their views. Today her question was, "Which category of people should be given maximum awareness on environmental degradation? and Why?" Then she started chatting away on the ozone layer and said that the hole in the ozone layer was not actually a hole but just a thinning of the former caused by the fall in the ozone levels.

The problem started when she started talking about ultra-violet rays. She clearly did not know the term, "ultra-violet" , much less the concept of what it was. She kept saying violet rays and stammered every time she said it.Hollow, shallow, being terms that come to our minds when we try to label the dispensers of such 'knowledge', shouldn't she be the one who needs to be made aware? She holds a mike and has the attention of millions of listeners going about their morning chores taking her words in and believing them to be true.She should improve her awareness level before she tries to spread the same.Or she should stick to questions that come within the purview of her general knowledge such as "which actress looks great in police uniform?" or "How many legs does an eight-legged spider have?". As for the title of this post, well....if your 'cityzens' get any dumber than this, let me know!

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BALA said...

Surely I shall be a great dunce if you put any question regarding the latest heroines in Tamil features or any such stuff on latest Tamil feature releases.

However, i can offer a suggestion. If i were to jockey a radio programme, i would buy a guide on Tamil Feature Latests and would go prepared. I suggest the same to the radio jockey. 'At least spend some time in the thing that you post for debate.'