Monday, November 10, 2014

Horror is the new magic!!!

Horror seems to be the favourite theme for teachers this term.My student online wrote this after we watched a couple of horror clips in class.

Once there was an eight year old girl, who had to be left alone after her parents got invited to a place. The girl got bored and so she put on the radio, and listened to the news. Suddenly there was a headline about a man, who was a murderer and who had escaped from prison. She got really scared. So she turned off the radio, and went to her room. She hada dog to keepher company. Thinking that she was under the bed, she put her hand under the bed, and it started licking her hand.
After a few minutes,she ran downstairs to get a snack. Then she heard a loud howling noise near her bathroom. So she ran up to see what happened, and when she stepped into her bathroom, she saw her dog howling in the bath tub. She got really upset. She chanced to look into the mirror, and there she
a writing in blood saying, "Did you check under the bed?"

Sharing my students' work seems like a great way to blog!!!

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