Monday, November 24, 2014

These are cold days

It's cold now. Just sixteen degrees, and yet to my unprepared South Indian self, it's cold. I had not get any footwear for this weather out of the closet. (For those of you who are not familiar with South Indians: Deep down the south, people, in small towns and villages, don't wear any footwear at all. And you have to tell new comers to the city, that they should own at least one pair of black shoes. And they reply. "Why? We don't get it!!!" I am actually forbidden to wear footwear inside a building. You will find people from some parts always removing their foot wear before they enter a home.) So today I found the floor to be icy cold.

During my online class my feet started to tingle with cold. so I decided to get my blanket. Zelda was lying on it, and growled at me. So I pulled another black one and threw it around.

The warrior princess  was enraged to find a mammoth black creature walking about the house, and barked so loudly that my on line student realized that his teacher had taken a break without excusing herself.

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