Thursday, November 6, 2014

POOF! POOF! End of some magic.

Heard that we have lost my favourite star  Shah Rukh khan's health and creativity to hard drugs, and in spite of being considered a brand in his own right, he is over. The last few films are a proof to his decline. Nevertheless, he has come a long way, made his mark and of course, accumulated unimaginable amount of wealth, apart from having millions of fans.
In this imperfect world, we are better off thinking of the several moments the khan managed to enliven the silver screen with his special brand of charisma. We have to acknowledge that those moments will always overshadow the mediocrity that we see in his recent work.
True, there must a few in the entertainment industry, who are not victims of substance abuse, but they are so few in number. The goddess of commercial art demands sacrifice of such individuals, it seems.

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