Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chance encounters

(one impressive poem by a Japanese poet)

Halley's comet appeared in 1910
(And I was born the following year)
It's period being seventy-six years and seven days,
It is due to re appear in 1986-

So I read, and my heart sinks
It is unlikely that I shall ever see the star-
And probably the case is the
same with human encounters

An understanding mind one meets as seldom
And an undistracted love one wins as rarely-
I know that my true friend will appear after my death,
And my sweet heart died before I was born.

I failed to copy the poet's name. It is in the syllabus of fatima college, i think in some paper with an international name.Bala, you know the name of this poet?

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Will Dockery said...

The poet who wrote "Chance Encounters" is indeed Katsumi Tanaka, who hopefully become better known & appreciated as time goes by...