Saturday, April 17, 2010

This happened

I orkut regularly. Batches of students inhabit my friends page, beginning with Abishek, a quiet boy who grew up into a friendly, respectful, responsible young man, living in U.K at the moment. The site became a historical and geographical record of my friends and I did not wish to try any other, inspite of many invitations to join other networking sites. I
Then I got an invite from my husband to join facebook. Not wanting to offend him, I accepted the invite. Then as I filled the required fields, I came across,"What is your relationship to Padmanabhan ?" So I typed ,"husband' Then the site said, "He has to confirm this" OK! The next day the following statement came up in face book. "Padmanabhan has confirmed that he is your husband" or something like that. To top it all Aruna, one of my students in the past and one who has worked with me in certain college programs cracked underneath "I like it"


BALA said...

I believe you enjoy the information popped up on your screen as you had exhibited your relationship with Mr Padmanaban. I am very happy that Mr Padmanaban has deigned to accept your entry. Do not scold for this comment.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

:P I like it too. I should use facebook. :P