Friday, April 9, 2010


I switched on Zee studio in my English class. The channel was telecasting a movie, 'Never been kissed".The students tried to write down at least a couple of lines of the dialogue and tried to repeat the same with intonation. We watched two 5 minute clips of the movie and they were very funny. But my students looked at me quietly as I laughed aloud.Not because they were super cool like some of the students in the movie but because they couldn't follow most of what was being said.Any way, I decided that I should watch this movie and searched for it online after my class.
I located it and found that my ASUS mini laptop could not reproduce the sound of the movie . I was not sure if the quality of the files was bad or the problem was with the lap top. I spent an hour or so trying to find a good print.(Look at the title of this post!)
Youtube had the movie in fourteen parts and i was sure that my lap top could download these files and the film looked good since the mini's screen was small. But nothing could be heard. The head phones did not help and then i attached a couple of speakers to the laptop. Nothing happened. Sometimes i press my ears to my laptop's speakers if the sound is feeble. Now I picked up the external speaker and pressed it to my ears. And yeaaaaaaaay! I could hear the dialogues. So I lay down, placed the laptop on my tummy, took one speaker in each handd, pressed them to my ears and watched the movie.
Moral of the story: Perseverance pays
Second moral of the story: Read the title of the movie carefully, coz it will give you a good idea of where the film is heading and then invest your time in it. For all my trouble and exhilaration, the movie was just so-so.


BALA said...
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BALA said...

Just like the title of the movie you have never heard any worthy dialogue. I suggest the title should be "Never been heard". I do not know who perseveres in the film to get a kiss. However i believe your perseverance has at least partly fructified.

Raji said...

The m0ovie is partly comical. Just that i find the contrived mandatory kiss in the last scene a painful bore n an anti climax