Thursday, April 22, 2010

some questions on philosophy

1.Do mosquitoes have souls?
2.What exactly happens when i swat them with my electric swatter?
3.Is there a mosquito heaven?


BALA said...

Twice i commented but twice i got the connection terminated. Not in a mood to comment now.

BALA said...

Perhaps the author does not love her text to be commented.

BALA said...

Twice my sulking posts have been accepted but when i made serious comments twice they were rejected as the connectivity got snapped.

Raji said...

your comments probably slipped out of the world wide web and found their way to mosquito heaven

arunprasadh said...

Yes,Mosquitoes have soul. mosquitoe is a living thing which have some period of time for survival,like humans.
They have their own god for worship.they have their own custom and culture.,from pooja to festivals,from rich to poor(based on the people from which they consume blood),from veg (male mosqitoe doesn't drink human blood)to non-veg,from village to modern(based on living place of mosq.)from heaven to hell,they have all things same like us.
When u swat them with ur swatter,they simply die and goes to the court of MOYAMAQUITO,who is popularly known as yaman for mosquitoes.He is the person who have the authority to decide, whether they wl be in heaven or in hell,according to their sin which they did in earth while lived.(sin rate is calculated on the basis of bitten rate of no.of persons who have been bitten by then). im very glad to share this small information,which i have known about the most destroyable flies in this world.
URS N.Arun

Raji said...

Wow! Never imagined my questions would inspire such overflow of imagination!But I am frowning, coz you have sent all female mosquitoees to hell

Sathyu said...

(1) Mosquitoes do have souls.

(2) When you swat them in whichever way, they are reborn as human beings.

According to the latest Census conducted by Sri Chitragupta Ji, one-tenth of human population are having the souls of mosquitoes. Thank God it is only that much!
Imagine the plight of the Earth had it been a little more..

(3) For mosquitoes, the Earth is the heaven.

Their karmic cycle of birth-death & rebirth from mosquitoes to human beings to mosquitoes are difficult to break.

No penance would help apart from remaining at a safe distance from them and not turning into one!

Raji said...

Thanks ! will keep that in mind

Sastry said...

AS per Bhagavad Gita, every person takes a rebirth based on what he/she thinks last before dying. If you think about Tiger before death, u would be born as tiger. And if u think about God, ur soul would reunite with God. And that is Moksha. From this I infer that, a human soul can be reborn in a tiger's body... Hence, it follows that every living being has a soul and its the same soul that is present in every living being. Simply put, the soul just moves through various bodies. And the concept of heaven is to do with Souls. Hence, you don't have a separate heaven for mosquito's soul.

As per puranas, Maharishi Bharatha used to lead an ascetic life and perform severe penance. Towards the end of his life, he developed bondage to a deer. And at the time of his death, the thought of the deer preoccupied him. And hence, he was reborn as a deer despite having performed severe penance in his life. And because of his satkarma in previous birth, the deer could understand the silly mistake it made and hence concentrated on GOD through out his life. And at the last moment also, God was its only thought and hence the soul reunited with the supreme being.

This also explains why it is good to have old fashioned God's names as our children's names. At the time of death, we are most likely to remember our children's names. And if they are the same as God's names (instead of some arbit nicknames), you would end up reuniting with the God. I forget the name of one person whose story was told in the puranas. This fellow basically was a sinner. At the time of his death, both the Yama doothas and the Vishnu doothas arrived at his home. And finally the soul was taken to Vaikuntam. The Lord said that despite he being a sinner, he is fit to be in Vaikuntam as he has called my name Narayana at the time of his death. And in this case, Narayana happened to be the name of the sinner's third son.

To sum it up:

Mosquitoes have souls and they are no different from human souls

Mosquito souls also go to the same heaven as humans


Raji said...

The last comment is nothing short of a discourse! Thank you Shastri..ji!