Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The magic of a poor man's logic

I read the "True History of the Kelly Gang"

The novel
a. is impressive, made an impact on my heart and head
b. is hard to read, as the author has used the voice of an uneducated man; so no punctuation.
c. sounds honest because the author uses the voice of a man who is plain spoken (all the reviews on the back cover, praise the voice)
d. takes a pragmatic moral tone, tells us about the morals of a man who chooses to do what he feels is right
e. shows how history recorded in newspapers can be complete lies
f. shows how the police and the law can be cruel, heartless, uncaring for the poor and can suppress and exploit the weak
g. shows how poor people have really miserable lives that they cannot get out of
h.shows how bad luck can age poor people instantly, can kill them, can destroy their families far more easily than they do the families of fat cats of other classes.
i. We don't feel sad all through the novel, because the speaker takes life and its terrors as they come, and we see the world through the eyes of a pragmatist
j. we feel the love he has for his mother, his acceptance of her faults, and his deep love for the daughter whom he never gets to see.

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