Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The logic behind killing bloggers

Why were four bloggers from Bangladesh killed?
Why are there some others on the hit list?
It never occurred to anyone but the killers that blogging can go beyond being a personal diary, and actually be a threat to someone.

The main reason behind this is that the truth is no longer what the media offers the public.
Media wants to sell, and publishes sensational news rather than the truth, which is sometimes so gruesome (oh so...boring) that no one wants to know it.

The public does not want the truth. Why? We want the dream, and the truth is ugly, so not in vogue. No one wants to know the truth, especially about themselves. People are busy inventing lies, in things big and small. for instance, many people spend a lot of effort in showing that they are better than they are. Some others want sympathy, and pretend to be worse off than they are. While there are those who will not accept that they have aged, failed, brought up offenders and criminals, and have generally wasted their lives. The media has chosen to partner such people as they form the majority

Then there is this thing called blogging. It's free, and affordable to anyone who has access to internet. Most people don't bother about blogs. And then there are extremists, who believe their brutal violence should help them control the world around them. After having soaked himself in a violent drama and having pitted himself against governments and gangs, the terrorist happens to cast his eyes on the words of this lone weakling, the blogger, who seems to be free and uncensored.

He now believes that killing a blogger would silence voices of dissent, and does what he knows, which is to kill.
Rest in peace Niloy Neel

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