Monday, September 28, 2015

No logic, no magic

Prime minister Modi was on a video, in which he spoke with anguish, and choked back his tears as he described how his mother had to do house work, washing vessels and clothes of neighbours in order to bring him up.
I am sure that his emotion is genuine.

But isn't that how more than sixty percent of Indians live? Overworked, doing menial jobs, undernourished and without basic medical and other facilities.
Shouldn't he, who has risen from the ranks feel the same way about the hundreds of thousands of women ( in the words of Modi himself) who still live exactly as his mother did, rather than just saying that of course, this is what all mothers do?
Why do all our leaders, especially the ones who know what poverty is, totally forget the downtrodden, and have nothing to offer them, or  never ever try to perfect the system so that they have access to good water, sanitation, schools and hospitals???

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