Friday, September 11, 2015

Partiality defies logic

I taught English to a person of Japanese origin.
"How do you find out the caste of a person? Do people in my office do it by looking at the candidate's face or is it through the name?"
He blurted this out during one of my classes. He was in India as a representative of the Japanese company to recruit people to his Engineering company. His job was to ensure that the right standards were maintained in hiring.
His question shocked me, for I had always assumed that the corporate world operated on meritocracy. I asked him to explain himself, and he said that many talented technicians were rejected, and his team, which consisted of Indians, recruited people whom he suspected to be of their own caste.
"The name gives it away," I explained to him.

It is true that many private schools, colleges and companies hire people of their own castes, and sometimes only people of their own castes.
But the pathetic and backward state of affairs seems not to have changed with the entry of international players. Many Indians are blissfully unaware of the cruelty that underlies the comfort of their lives.
Looks like change is far away, and discrimination continues to prey the poor and downtrodden masses of this country

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