Wednesday, May 18, 2016

beyond magic or logic

Increased connectivity means being in touch with all the people you care for, and also coming face to face with very different kinds of people.
Today I stumbled into a woman hater's blog. (misogynist, I know the word, but prefer how straight forward it sounds in English, rather than like the name of some kind of specialist)
This person, a male, hates all women from a particular continent, whom he sees as arrogant and selfish. He probably assumes that women from other continents may be more in keeping with his idea of feminine. 
I read through several of his posts.
He sounds normal, in spite of the hating, generalizing and his focus on what is bad with young women today.
He does have real life tabloid extracted examples of extreme sloppiness, lack of moderation and other flaws that can be found in women of today.
But this is not the problem with just women of today, but such selfishness, arrogance and narcissism are flaws of all human kind today.
I want to offer a better defense, want to tell this young person not to waste time hating, but look at all the great stuff he can do.
He seems so obsessed with hating and seems to be connected with people with other types of hate, people who are against other religions and races, and love only their race and classify races according to their hatefulness.
These bloggers and those who comment on them keep saying that their race is the strongest and the best.
It was weird, but I went through many blogs. Their tone is petty and childish, although there was no violence in any of them.
I guess these men have found a channel of expression for what they truly feel, and the internet is a like a huge outlet for their level of negativity.
I am too stunned and a little sad to read all this.

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