Friday, May 27, 2016

The logic behind poor listening

It's hard to listen when we wish to say so much ourselves.

But it's possible to become better at listening if we consider the following
a. People are mostly not interested in that particular thing we are bursting to say
b. That particular piece of information is irrelevant to what is being discussed
c. we have to acknowledge what others say, or they will never acknowledge what we have to say
d. it's a waste to say what we consider to be interesting if most people in the audience are gossips, are people who want to put you down.
e. often things we say to make ourselves feel better, such as, I did so well today, i look good in this dress, my friend is cool, etc manage to make us feel better, but at the same time make people near us feel lousy. So, it's better to reconsider our wish to say nice things about ourselves.

f. Slowly but surely, we can learn to listen better rather than speak our heads off.

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