Friday, May 13, 2016

logic to the rescue

When magic does not happen, logic rushes to the rescue.
For instance, someone's career goes down the drain.. He or she tries to pull every trick from his hat to keep it from sinking,
but fails.
Now if we look at it logically, he may be jobless, penniless and clueless; at the same time he has no crushing responsibility and daily drudgery of uninteresting tying up the loose ends type of work that we have to do every work day. He is like an infant or a house pet that has all the time to snooze, play and watch others suffer.

You may think I am a loser to talk like this about a life that has just lost its mission.
But this is a just the example of a typical situation. It is true that beggars survive on this logic, but it is also true that beggars experience liberation beyond compare.
Now what am I trying to say?
Not that we should throw our lives and beg and be parasitical.
I'm just saying that if we lose something, we can get over the gloom by logically listing out the indirect benefits of loss.
And this is the secret of my calmness through all storms.

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