Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Concluding logically that I'm a global citizen

John Oliver appeared in my nightmare, (it was a day dream in which I saw him)

He started talking about online classes I conduct during my night time for kids from other continents where its evening.
My eyes are half closed from fatigue and boredom.
A student ( 14 years old, a dear, charming age) tells me that they discussed 'rap' in school.
I ask him to try rapping and he starts:

Sleep, teacher, Sleep
It's midnight in your country.
Why don't you sleep?

Is it right?
Is it fair?
Should I sit when you stare?

You can sleep
I can chill
Why do we have to go through this?

Actually, a student rapped on in this fashion during my class. I kept a straight face, but felt if John Oliver had watched this scene, and investigated, and discovered that I was on the point of dozing off during sessions, I would be torn apart in his show.
Soon I stopped taking night classes, citing low blood pressure ( my bp is 90-120) as a reason.

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