Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Logical and magical world of Korean drama

Just to get some sleep, I started watching Korean movies. Simple plot lines drawn around teenage characters, pretty urban settings, uncomplicated emotional content and above all, the strong musical intonation of an unknown language drew me to these films. 

There were days when I worked night shifts when I could not sleep during days. So I would lie down, place the lap top on my tummy, and doze off  to the twang and the glide of Korean dialogues. 

Recently, I started watching Chinese films, Filipino films and Korean Drama.  Korean drama is well directed, Chinese films have complex stories, while Filipinos act well.
The world of words, brilliant quotes, engrossing articles and riveting stories has found worthy competition in what we view through multi media where most of today's talent pour in their efforts to create alternate worlds inhabited by a variety of people.
It is hard to believe that ideas were once expressed only through speeches, plays and writing. We get access to a lot more through movies, television dramas and social media

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